D’liver D’letter…

Wait Mister Postman
Oh yeah
(Is there a letter in your bag for me) Please, Please Mister Postman
(Why’s it been a very long time) Oh yeah
Please, Please Mister Postman
Is there an absentee ballot in your bag for me…

Looks like I may be waiting,
But there will be no hesitating
I will vote early and you’ll see
Nothin’’s gonna sabotage me.
The US Postal Service warned almost all of the 50 states and Washington, DC that voters could be at risk of not getting their ballots back to election offices in time to be counted in the upcoming November election.
The communique provides a stark reminder that the expansion of mail-in voting due to the pandemic is colliding with a slowdown in postal delivery due to controversial changes made by the new postmaster general.

Trump is deliberately sabotaging the November election and stripping much needed funding for the independent USPS to suppress mail-in voting…at least three-quarters of all Americans are eligible to vote by mail.

Postmaster General DeJoyless, a huge Trump donor (donated $440,000 to trump’s 2016 campaign), allegedly has $70 million invested in companies that compete with the USPS.

More censorship and corruption in plain sight.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Bloomberg conspire and please devise a plan to establish legitimate drop off boxes in all counties across the country.

Facebook is taking some steps.

FB is building the largest voter information effort in U.S. history, starting with the new Voting Information Center where you can find the latest resources about voting in the 2020 election.

Vote and mail with a first class stamp as early as possible, check locally for officially sponsored drop boxes for ballots or put on a mask on Election Day, November 3rd, and go out and vote.

You can also email every single one of these USPS Directors or text USPS to 40509.

Robert Duncan: mduncan@inezdepositbank.com
John Barger: barger.jm@gmail.com
Ron Bloom: ron.bloom@brookfield.com
Roman Martinez: roman@rmiv.com
Donald Moak: lee.moak@moakgroup.com
Wiliam Zollers: directoraccessmailbox@cigna.com

Vote like your life depends on it because it does!!

Deliver de letter de sooner de better de later de letter de madder I getter!



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