Diggin’ That Hole…

Who doesn’t love a vacation.

Time to rest, relax or conversely, to be frantically spirited in Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Athens, Tokyo.

Whatever the approach, it is always an escape from reality.

I never watch television, listen to the radio or connect on cell when away.

I am not even back one week from a very restful getaway and I am exhausted.

Donald Trump and his merry band of morons are stressing me out.

Every minute there is breaking news, yet another negative development or a slanderous tweet.

There is a lot of anti-America sentiment out in the ozone.

Traveling to foreign countries is going to be challenging.

I kid you not…I brought a bag of chocolate Kisses with me when we went to Mexico, offering love from an American who is appalled and disgusted by the actions of their dictator, Agent Orange.

During this uncomfortable period,I have developed an addiction.

I want to detox, but I keep overdosing on MSNBC.

Presently, I am heading out to walk the dogs and then do some washes where there is no internet connection and put a new spin on things.

I will keep on digging that hole, attempting to keep my head partially buried, ignoring the noise coming out of Washington.

Is an intelligent, forward thinking American capable of overlooking the harsh realities of U.S. politics and the destructive path this country is traveling down?

Stay tuned.

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  1. I am presently also trying to wash that orange out of my hair- and trying to put a new spin on things-!!!!

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