Great news!

My husband received a clean bill of health yesterday, 2 months after having emergency surgery.

Of course we had to wait 90 minutes to hear the news and I had to get to York and 70th Street from Chelsea in under 30 minutes.

One hour into the wait we thought something was up when a volunteer passed out water bottles and pretzels and apologized for the long wait…loved the woman who was upset that the pretzels were not gluten free!

My west to east side journey took me on the Q train…wow, so modern and clean. The station at 72nd looked just like all the subway stations outside of the U.S. which notoriously has the ugliest, dirtiest stations in the world.

NY Giant Head Coach, Joe Judge

The uncertain diagnosis I additionally received yesterday was the NY Giants hired 38 year-old Joe Judge as the new head coach.

He most recently has been a special teams and receivers coordinator with the New England Patriots.

I am hoping his youth brings creativity and enthusiasm and that he is a born leader.

His lack of experience is a concern.

For better or worse, Here Comes Da Judge.



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