Deja Vu All Over Again…

I am projecting inevitable boredom.

Knock on all the wooden, empty heads of trump terrorists, my family and I are allegedly healthy and Covid free existing amongst a highly infected Los Angeles County population.

I am in the saddle again.

Back to my 5am Peloton classes.

I must admit I have been turning off the sound and substituting MSNBC because the spin instructors never stop talking…let us enjoy the music. That’s half the reason we selected the class!

Back to hiking early, preparing 3 meals a day, cleaning, writing which keeps me sane.

I miss my daughter who is my bestie, sous chef, tech advisor and playmate.

I miss the comfort and companionship of my doggie, Finnley.

We are so fortunate to be able to physically and financially get away to a Covid safe environment, but 6-8 more months of quarantine in Los Angeles seems daunting.

I am sure millions feel the same way.

We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Vaccine Messiah so we can feel a sense of relief and hope even though we all must continue with mask wearing, social distancing and hand washing.

Enough bitching.

The bleak reality in Los Angeles is that during the course of my two month absence, more storefronts are empty, outside dining is prohibited, the hospitals are at capacity and other than maskless tourists in Santa Monica, the streets are deserted.

The beach, our one glorious refuge which I am overwhelmingly and eternally grateful for, was stunning and mostly empty over the weekend with temperatures hovering around 70.

We were able to walk and read in peace and solitude far from the maddening maskless crowds.

We never took our face coverings off which created interesting tan lines.

Here’s hoping everyone enjoyed their weekend romp, remaining relatively happy, healthy and sane in the midst of complete chaos.

I leave you with this call to action::

I preach and beseech, we must Impeach!



  1. Yes please impeach!

  2. To impeach should not be a reach!

  3. Welcome back to LA! We are so lucky to have the beautiful weather and hikes so close by -helps with sanity! Try other Peloton instructors – Matt W, Denis M., Olivia and Christine are more music heavy, less talking. There is also the option to turn up the more while turning down the instructors or vice versa. Personally, I love the talking for distraction and entertainment! Everyone is different and there are instructors for all! Keep exploring!

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