Death, Dogs, Politics & Facebook…

Why are Facebook posts so maudlin?

Facebook is great tool for reconnecting with old friends and picking up some interesting and informative tidbits.

Adorable animal videos, Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and The Daily Show highlights are entertaining. Posting intelligent, well written editorials or articles can be very enlightening.

But, overall, I cannot understand why Facebook posts have to be so negative as well as boring.

No one loves animals, in particular dogs, more than I do and I know abuse is rampant, but why do so many people post the most God awful photos of abused dogs?

I cannot stomach it. I am more than willing to help, sign petitions and donate money. My beloved Berkeley was a rescue, but these photos are killing me.

Death is another Facebook obsession. With my posse of FB friends, dead musicians seem to be a daily occurrence. Seriously, if you are in the music business and shocked that musicians are passing on at a young age than you must have never toured or hung with the bands. I am surprised that most have made it to 50.


Depression, bragging…can’t we merely be friends? I am guilty of using FB to promote my blog posts, but the amount of self promotion is out of control.

Fox News guffaws make a daily appearance. Insipid, erroneous statements are Fox’s specialty. All it does is depress me, hearing that Fox was named the most trusted name in news…is America that f..king stupid. Don’t tell me.

Interesting, beautiful photos, family news, birthdays wishes are all acceptable means of communication. Please, let’s keep dying dogs, death, selfies and outlandish political declarations to a minimum.


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