Dealt a Lousy Hand…

No more Canasta Girls.

No more elegant Wild Cards.

Queen E.’s best friend and 70 year canasta partner passed away last week.

The deck is now empty.

I feel as if I just lost my mom…again.

It really never becomes easier.

I remember growing up and every fourth Monday the Canasta Girls would arrive for lunch and then a hard core afternoon of card playing.

A $5.00 pot was a big score.

I always had to dress a bit fancier for school, come home pay homage to the Girls and go to my room to do homework or Ethel would give me a quick course in ironing, preparing Jamaican specialities or we would pick apples and bake outrageous apple pies.

The leftovers on Mondays were gourmet because most of the Canasta Girls were as competitive with food as they were with cards, except for Elaine R. whose best dish was tuna salad.

Canasta Girls Betty and Elaine T. at Queen E.s 90th birthday celebration

What an amazing group of smart, attractive, stylish, active women who were all married to successful men, but they possessed all the power.

The final hand was dealt…the Canasta Girls will forever remain Aces in my book.

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  1. wonderful post. I love them.

    • Thanks💜
      You actually met Betty who pasted last week. She was at my mom’s funeral.
      Hope you are doing well😍

  2. Loved this!!!!!!!
    Part of what is happening too frequently here too..

  3. Lorraine R Kweskin says:

    Oh Toby, I love this! I didn’t know about the game! Betty was a very special woman and I could definitely see that she and Eunice would be friends! Wouldn’t it have been fun to be a fly on the wall during those games! So sorry for your loss. I know what you mean when you say it’s like living your mom’s death all over again. Sending you virtual hugs…

    • Thanks for the hug and for reaching out. Yes, they played every Monday my entire life. The main group was my mom, Betty Young, Elaine Reader, Elaine Tashman, Helen Birnbaum and Rae Korman.
      They all belonged to Rockrimmon and attended all the events in each other’s lives.
      Elaine Reader and my mom were like sisters. She and Betty were very tight, too and spoke every day the last 20 years.
      I would go to Connecticut and have lunch with them.
      I called Betty and texted her frequently.
      What a fabulous group of strong women.

  4. My Mom was part of card players…gin rummy . Met every Monday at different homes. lunch then cards and yes money in a kitty. I loved it also when at our home. Not for the special lunch,but there was always special candy!!!! These ladies were part of the family…..all at my wedding and my sisters. special memories of wonderful ladies now gone.

    • That’s cool. I can see Auntie Edna playing gin rummy! Great memories. Wish we could just hug our marvelous moms💜

  5. Julie Varon says:

    Totally related to this. For my Mom it was bridge but Ethel (yes, Ethel, Jean and Bernice helped raise me just by their being around so consistently.
    Your mention of never becoming easier with regard to missing your mom is such a sad statement and scary for me.
    Covid is making it so difficult for me to be with my 90 year old Mom in Canada. Even harder to explain to her daily (she has dementia) why we aren’t together but that we were for a couple months last summer and will be again.
    Thanks for sharing your sweet story. It gave me food for thought.

    • Never an easy situation. Just have to reflect on being fortunate to have had such a strong bond with your mother.
      My daughter gave me the best gift. A talking bear with a great message from my mom so we converse daily!! The moral of the story, save her VMs or record her the next time you are together.
      Take care and be well💜

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