Dealt a Lousy Hand…

No more Canasta Girls.

No more elegant Wild Cards.

Queen E.’s best friend and 70 year canasta partner passed away last week.

The deck is now empty.

I feel as if I just lost my mom…again.

It really never becomes easier.

I remember growing up and every fourth Monday the Canasta Girls would arrive for lunch and then a hard core afternoon of card playing.

A $5.00 pot was a big score.

I always had to dress a bit fancier for school, come home pay homage to the Girls and go to my room to do homework or Ethel would give me a quick course in ironing, preparing Jamaican specialities or we would pick apples and bake outrageous apple pies.

The leftovers on Mondays were gourmet because most of the Canasta Girls were as competitive with food as they were with cards, except for Elaine R. whose best dish was tuna salad.

Canasta Girls Betty and Elaine T. at Queen E.s 90th birthday celebration

What an amazing group of smart, attractive, stylish, active women who were all married to successful men, but they possessed all the power.

The final hand was dealt…the Canasta Girls will forever remain Aces in my book.

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