The Days Of Our Lives…


Are we ever prepared for loved ones to die?!

I walked the floor all night waiting for the opportune time to call and check on my mother.

Since snowbirding her way to Florida, it has been one medical trauma after another. This one literally started as a small cut on her leg.

My mom called and left a message to call her. I had spoken to her earlier in the day when she has having cut and color done in Palm Beach.

Then, the day crumbled like a lovely hairdo does in Floridian humidity…it just fell apart.

She answered in a breathy voice and announced she couldn’t breath and felt terrible and then hung up.

Well, that was satisfying, informative and reassuring.

Eunice pumpkin

I pulled David off a conference call and had him call my mother back. She doesn’t mess with his head.

He got to the bottom of the matter and I was on pins and needles waiting to see if she was doing better in the morning.

She had been to the doctor, but I felt she neeeded to head to the emergency room, stat. I arranged for a driver and I tried to get a flight out, but all flights were on hold due to the storm that had hit southern California.

Unfortunately, my mom is in the hospital with a raging infection and an unhealthy white blood cell and platelet count.

The inevitable is lurking, but the reality never sets in. I will not allow it to. I do believe that she will fight back with all the vim and vigor of someone half her age.

Medical Update: My mom is still in the hospital, but improving and a release date is imminent. She is complaining about the food which is a very positive sign and told the nurse she could find something more appealing to eat if she went through the garbage at her club.

When one of her beloved “Canasta Girls” phoned from Connecticut to ask what she is doing in the hospital, my 90 plus (she recently asked me not to tell her real age anymore), darling mom responded, “I am in the hospital because I just had twins. I didn’t want anyone to know.”

Eunice you humor is infectious…maybe too infectious.

I am heading to Florida to begin my new role as Nurse Ratched.

Stay tuned.

Nurse Ratched  photo:
Nurse Ratched photo:


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