Dastardly Cheapskates…

I have always found that when working with the rich and famous the more fame amd fortune the cheaper they are unless there is a tax write off involved.

This brings me to the cheapskate millionaire senators in congress.

I just cannot imagine that in all good conscience  why so many United States Senators are against providing Covid-19 relief in the nominal amount of $1400-2000 checks to those struggling and starving in this country due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

None of the predominately white guys in the Senate are anguishing over paying rent or meeting their monthly mortgage bill or searching for their next meal…I guess there is no relatability, but isn’t that why they were elected?!

Why are they stonewalling their financially distressed constituents?

Obviously, politics are at play rather than doing the right thing.

What is the mostly Republican senators refusal argument? They agreed to outrageous overspending and tax cuts for the rich during trump’s reign of terror.

The same people and their ilk are whining that President Biden wears a Rolex and has a Peloton  which by the way the government did not pay for.

Never read an article about Donald Trump choosing to wear gold watches by Patek Philippe, Acheron Constantin and Rolex over the past four years.

Lyndon Johnson wore a gold Rolex Day-Date in the Oval Office office that gave the watch its nickname of “The President.”

Joe Biden was consistently one of the least affluent people in politics during his 44 years as Senator and Vice President. When he left office, at 74, he had the opportunity to make money and he took it.

We, the people, did not pay for the Peloton like we paid for Agent Orange’s golf forays.

An itemized breakdown of travel costs to various golf resorts during his presidency totaled $141,450,266.

Expenses up to October 16th, 2020 include the cost of flights to Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster; law enforcement personnel costs for trips to Bedminster and Palm Beach; Coast Guard protections for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago getaways; government-funded resort stays and luxury vehicle rentals in Turnberry, Scotland, another Trump-owned property and lodgings at Trump’s golf club in Doonbeg, Ireland, in 2019.

Ponder this latest trump financial atrocity and if you need a distraction or an escape from reality, watch the new Netflix series Flack and the French import, Call My Agent (4 seasons)…both series of which I can totally relate to and have walked many miles in their shoes.

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