Darn, The European Party Is Over…

Trite as it sounds, all good things must end.

In my case, travel has concluded, but I am exceedingly fortunate to keep my fun family forever.

As I compose this new post, I can see the towering skyline of New York City out of the plane’s window…Italy and France are in my rearview mirror.

The Gang of 3 remains solid.

We ate amazing food, drank magnificient wines, walked an average of 10 miles per day, visually consumed everything that Milano, Firenze, Roma, Puglia, Bordeaux, Blaye, the Loire Valley and Paris had to offer…not sure we missed a thing.

Over a 2 week span, we laughed, toured, shopped and fully immersed ourselves in a dream holiday.

We gleefully embraced our stunning, new home in Blaye, France.

I just want to thank The Good Husband and Darlin’ Daughter for the love and laughter.

Your collective sense of adventure and passion for life is unrivaled.

I would gladly travel to the ends of the earth with My Tremendous Trio.

Thanks for the incredible memories.


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  1. Cant wait to hearrrrrrrrr !!!!!!! !!!!!!

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