Darkness On The Edge Of Town…


Sports is a metaphor for life…it brings immense joy and agonizing pain.

Cincinnati, Ohio earned an A+ as the Cincy Public Schools announced Monday that staff and students will not have school on February 14th, the day after the Cincinnati Bengals go up against the Los Angeles  Rams in this year’s Super Bowl.

That’s a sweetheart of a deal if you get my drift!

Win or lose kids in Cincinnati will have something to cheer about.

I am mentioning this because I just read multiple publications and this was the only positive story I came across.

I thought that once trump was dumped things would take on a more positive spin.

I am not finding that to be true, but we all do live in Coronaville.

On top of Covid there is so much killing, violence, crime, hatred, sickness, suicides, bullying.

There was even an earthquake yesterday in LA and an emotional one as well at UCLA as the university canceled in-person classes on Tuesday after a former philosophy lecturer released a video and a 800-page manifesto that appears to threaten a mass shooting at UCLA.

Thankfully, he was arrested yesterday afternoon in Colorado after a nearly three-hour standoff with authorities.

More than a dozen historically Black colleges and universities closed campus or canceled classes yesterday due to bomb threats on the first day of Black History Month.

Brian Flores, fired last month as head coach of the Miami Dolphins, has sued the National Football League and each of its franchises for racial discrimination.

It makes me want to seek shelter and lead an insular existence, but, hold on…I already have been doing that for almost two years.

I think I’ll watch The Housewives franchise shows all day and live and laugh in a protected world of hysterical idiocy.

Stay happy, healthy and safe.

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  1. Life is very sad right now.upside down. Can only go one way and that is up….just wish it to be sooner than later.

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