Daniel’s Husband and His Mother…

So this happened…

On my journey to renovate Queen E’s home I met a kindred spirit.

Forget Tinder or Match.com, have your contractor make the connection.

That’s how I met the talented Anna Holbrook who by day is a charming, empathetic suburbanite and by night a dynamic and compelling actor.

That’s the backstory to being a fortunate spectator at the riveting Off Broadway play, Daniel’s Husband by playwright, Michael McKeever.

Daniel’s Husband, which opened last night, has been on a theatrical journey, premiering at Penguin Rep Theatre, which by the way is celebrating its’ 40th season of new works in Stony Point, NY.

Critical acclaim motivated Daniel’s Husband to settle down in New York City last spring as part of Primary Stages’ 2017 season.

The original cast, as well as director Joe Brancato, return for the latest rendition.

Daniel’s Husband focuses on a couple who happen to have conflicting views regarding relationships.

Daniel, a dynamic, talented architect and successful author, Mitchell, have been blissfully coupling for seven years and then suddenly, they find themselves faced with a reality that they never anticipated.

Daniel and Mitchell live in a beautifully appointed home and their professional success is reflected in their surroundings.

Mother issues are tied up in a perfect Ralph Lauren wrapped package, modeled by Daniel’s mother, Lydia, a flawed and insecure women played by the tragically wonderful Anna Holbrook.

The talented cast also includes Ryan Spahn as Daniel in a sensitive and emotional performance, supported by Lou Liberatore who plays Mitchell’s no bullshit manager, Barry and an equally touching performance from Leland Wheeler, a home care provider.

To accommodate the changing political landscape regarding gay marriage, playwright Michael McKeever found it necessary to edit the story, which personifies a deeply personal connection between McKeeve‘s beliefs about marriage espoused through Mitchell, played to demonstrative perfection by Matthew Montelongo.

Humor and glib conversations bleed into a stark and stunning twist during the 95 minute emotional roller coaster ride, cocooned in the intimate theater setting.

The holidays are approaching…treat yourself to a compelling, beautifully packaged play of true pathos, intelligence and romance.

Daniel’s Husband Westside Theatre 407 West 43rd Street New York City. Running time 95 minutes. No intermission  Open ended run.

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