Cry Me A River…


Peace and serenity lasted for ONE freakin’ New York minute.

In order to balance out the large hole or as I like to refer to it, the new unscheduled skylight in our NYC apartment, I had a flood in my Los Angeles home yesterday.

Yes, another deluge and people say it never rains in southern California.

I discovered a water wall in my hallway and second bedroom. To make matters more interesting, water was pouring out of the fuse box. Believe me, I gave credence to just sticking my finger in the fuse box and ending the madness.

So now I am dealing with damages on both coasts. Who doesn’t strive for parity?

It is a good thing I am so knowledgeable about water. I ran to the garage and turned off the water which ended the deluge.

As usual, when damages occur, my husband is out of town.

I needed to offset the break from preparing three meals a day and the ease of making a less messy bed in the morning with being able to joyfully freak the fuck out, mop up new wood floors and schedule the painters to pay a return visit to redo the walls which were finished to perfection a mere 4 months ago…Joy to the World.

There is no doubting that I can handle a crisis, but I am a bit tired of being tested.

Water needs to stay on the outside of my homes. Call in the Feng Shui expert and create a waterproof  aura.

Cry me a river.

Enjoy Justin Timberlake singing, Cry Me A River.


  1. Dear Toby,
    I like to share with you….
    Water symbolizes emotions …. Out of control emotions…
    Both homes are showing you what is going on. These are states of mind (feelings)that are running ramping .
    Emotions that you have hidden from yourself.
    Or not willing to look at….
    Stop looking for things outside yourself like feng shui to fix it and do internal work.
    Much Love….

  2. Very well written on a very sad topic!

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