Crazy is nothing new.

But when you hear about a plot to wipe out multiple public personalities, you push pause.

I am referring to a US Coast Guard officer who espoused white supremacist views and composed a target list of Democratic politicians and prominent media figures.

He has been arrested on firearms and drug charges.

It was discovered that he was logging in at his work computer to study the manifestos and heinous paths of mass shooters.

He is considered a domestic terrorist intent on murdering innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in America.

The White House went radio silent even though trump tweeted this week about Jussie Smollett and the Catholic high school student who filed a lawsuit against The Washington Post over its coverage of last month’s confrontation between the teenager and a Native American elder.

Humpty Trumpty appears to comment on the issues he wants to amplify, while ignoring those that don’t fit his specific narrative.

The Justice Department along with Republican leadership have not said a word about the plot.

I point the finger at Trump who is constantly denegrating politicians and media personalities on twitter and during campaign and ego tripping rallies.

Again this week, Agent Orange twitted that The NY Times is the enemy of the people.

His irrational supporters get behind this rhetoric and prompt and prod other MAGA morons through social media to rise up and get physical.

Social media is a Catch 22.

It is useful for connecting and reconnecting, but it can be a dangerous weapon for inciting crazies.

Bottom line, we cannot be frivolous and irresponsible.

We must take responsibility for what we say and do.

It starts at the top and we are paying the price for electing an ignorant, immature self-involved POS to the most prominent position in this  country.

2020 vision…hoping we can all see clearly by then and dump trump (if not before).

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  1. It might be that Trump does not want to comment on this story, however, don’t the authorities have to verify the facts first and then make statements first? I’d give it more time.

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