Craving Routine….

We crave vacations to break up the routine of daily living.

I can attest to that.

But then on vacation, when I travel to only one destination, I automatically fall into a routine.

Mexico involved rising early for a one hour walk on the beach, a swim, reading until breakfast, beach time, 4 pm mango margaritas  and guacamole, sunset watching, dinner and bed.

We loved the patttern.

The past weekend was our first in Los Angeles in quite a while.

As fits our LA routine, Sunday we were up and out early.

Bitch’s Biker Boy

David jumped on his motorcycle by 6am to avoid traffic and headed for the the Pacific Coast Highway, destination Malibu.

I was tackling the mountainous Tesmescal region by 7am before the heat exploded over the beach area.

By 9am we were armed with empty sacks heading to the Palisades Farmers Market.

Our regular vendors welcomed us back warmly.

We purchased a huge bunch of lavender gladiolus from the friendly flower guy.

Next stop, Froggy French bakery for freshly baked scones and a delectable baguette.

Produce at Palisades Farmers Market

The strawberries and raspberries were sweet at the everything is $3 lb. fruit stand.

The local fisherman had gleaming fresh ahi tuna.

We trudged home with our purchases, unpacked and then packed up for the beach and were reading by the Pacific Ocean by 10:30am.

Even the sun damaged, wrinkled woman in the thong who never stops talking was still staking claim in the same exact spot, rearranging her blanket every 20 minutes to soothe her compulsive personality.

Lunch was had by all from the Beach Side Cafe.

Our family dinner was absolutely maaavelous as my daughter assumed her familiar role as sous chef and we whipped up ahi tuna napoleons with cucumber, pickled ginger, avocado and sprouts layered with rice.

It was like old times, craving all the memorable moments.

Alas, despite the pushback, routine can be pleasingly gratifying.

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