My Greatest Accomplishment…

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My daughter left today.

Yesterday was her birthday.

2014 Emmy's
2014 Emmy’s

She was in New York City the past week and worked liked a crazy person, doing dozens of meetings, drinks, dinners. She is an amazing woman and very talented TV agent.

courtny in pool

I wanted to take a moment to salute her. Seriously, she has not given us one moment of trouble since she was born.

She entered the world with a smile on her face and a full head of jet black hair. She slept through the night from the day she was born.

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. What child sleeps 10 hours a night as an infant without payback…no drugs, horrible boyfriends or bad grades (she graded college summa cum laude with 2 degrees).

1 Year-Old
1 Year-Old

She is the light of my life and the best gift I have ever received.

court hat

People tell me all the time that Courtny is gorgeous, but her beauty radiates from within. She is generous of spirit, kind and my proudest moment…knew every NY Giants player number by the tender age of 4.

She learned her multiplication tables by 2…she would freely tell you know that 8×7=Lawrence Taylor, the flawed, but greatest defensive player ever.

Yankee Playoffs
Yankee Playoffs

Courtny is a multi-tasker and has a voracious appetite for art, theatre, literature, fashion, sports and music. She spent a great deal of time with me on the road with the bands and has the ear of an A&R person. She is an excellent athlete and knows more about organized sports then most men.

Few know that she is a talented artist as well as my go to techie.

I couldn’t be prouder and I salute my amazing daughter.

court plaid skirt

Mission accomplished.

Happy birthday, Courtny. I hope this next year is everything you could wish for and more…I prayed for a healthy, happy child and you exceeded my every expectation…thanks for gracing my life.

courtny wedding
Bridesmaid at Best Friend, Stephanie’s, Wedding


  1. Paula Lopez says:


  2. A beautiful and heartfelt tribute from a wonderful mom!

    • Thank you. You are part of this success story. You are definitely a loving, compassionate, generous and concerned father as well as a fabulous husband.

  3. Agreed. Courtny continues to be the absolute perfect daughter. Her personality and behavior as a baby convinced us college sweethearts that we, too, could manage marriage and children. Bait and switch! But, we forgive her completely.

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