Corona Decor…

Quarantine and TV time are inextricably linked these days in our corner of Coronaville.

While I am deeply enmeshed in all things Covid-19 my eyes and mind wander while gazing upon my big screen TV, past the talking heads, correspondents and celebrities and instead, focusing in on the background.

Most TV people are broadcasting from home.

It is very interesting to have a glimpse into their lives, allowing viewers, inadvertently, to get up close and personal.

Talent is definitely drawn to living room sets where the chairs and couches match, lamps are purchased in twos and generic throw pillows accent neutral color sofas and leather couches.

Picture arrangements should come with instructions.

It appears to be a well read group as bookshelves dominate and tchotchkes are abundant.

I would say Ellen and Jennifer Lopez have the coolest homes…totally subjective as I do favor the clean lines and a modern, industrial style.

Interior decorating fascinates me and can be quite revealing, especially observing those who never have the opportunity to expose their personal side.

Perhaps, I have found a second career, whiling away the late afternoon hours between lunch and cocktail time.

I definitely have time to research and investigate the tools of the interior design trade along with learning another language or, at the very least, brushing up on my French.

Have a great weekend although, in many homes, Saturday is the same as Tuesday if you are not home schooling or working from home.

Thank you to all the front line workers who are risking their lives.


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