Corona Clean…

I support all the shelter-in-place edicts.

What is driving me crazy are the hours spent wiping down every single box, letter, plastic Amazon envelope and food that crosses our sanitized threshold.

I totally get it…much better to be safe than sorry.

Yesterday, I sat outside my front door for 1 hour cleaning every grocery item.

We had just completed our first grocery run in two weeks.

The need for fresh veggies and fruit beckoned us out of our bunker.

Dressed to kill, but hopefully not myself, we donned our masks, latex gloves and braved the aisles of the grocery store which was filled with clueless masked male shoppers who moved as if they were playing through a geriatric golf game.

Then it was homeward bound to do a major wipe job, put away our cherished items, wash the floor, dispose of the clothes and take a sudsy shower….wash, wash, wash.

At this point I think I would rather eat peanut and jelly sandwiches.

First world problems and no right to complain when you see the long lines at food banks and the war being waged in the hospitals.

My world is so small now so it is difficult to see beyond my own square footage, but I do feel and recognize the outside world’s excruciating suffering and pain.

Enjoy the weekend…take some time to spend with your incarcerated loved ones😜

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  1. I couldn’t help but notice Chopin’s starring role!

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