Core Values…

I have fallen in love with Morning Joe.

Not MSNBC Joe who I am addicted to, but Joseph Pilates.

Three mornings a week I take a Pilates class.

It has changed my body and level of flexibility.

Frankly, I’m shocked at my devotion because some days when I am struggling on my back time stands still.

Being on your back can often be challenging!

And although I push back at all the airy-fairy philosophy in life, I have became enamored by the classical Greek ideal of a person balanced in body, mind and spirit because I feel great and am walking taller.

I am able to leap subway staircases at a single bound and breathe through it.

I can now assume the Pilates V position with legs and arms raised…it’s totally abnormal and unnecessary unless you are considering tantric sex, but I can do it.

Pilates has become a worldwide phenomenon with over 12 million people practicing.

It sure looks like I will need to be balanced in mind, body and spirit if I want to make it through the 2020 election year…breathe.


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