Core Issues…




I remember everything.

It is both a blessing and a curse.

My question is, Why doesn’t my body have total recall?!

Case in point, Pilates.

I was a regular participant.

In the past year, after dropping out of the exorbitant Equinox Sports Club and the fallacious Class Pass, I stuck with the tried and true hiking, walking and spinning.

Feeling the need to stretch, limber up after all the cardio and improve balance drove me back to Pilates.

Today, I cannot even get out of bed.

Breathing is a calculated activity.

Ultimately, I know that I will feel more flexible, but right now, not so much.

Come on bod, let’s dig deep and remember what used to be.

Pilates was created in the 1920s by trainer, Joseph Pilates, for the purpose of rehabilitation.

The first people treated by Pilates were soldiers returning from war…maybe that is why I feel like I just been through hand to hand combat.



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  1. Paula Lopez says:

    Lol keep it up!

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