CooCoo Over Le Coucou…


I am on a foodie roll.

Friday night, I had an amazing meal at a romantic, opulent new establishment.

A reservation at Le CouCou is probably the most challenging get in Manhattan.


I had booked at Le Coucou for Courtny’s birthday, but she became quite ill on the day of…I had worked hard to secure a desirable time.

I called Le CouCou to relate my tale of woe and was politely told that there just was nothing available for at least one month.

I asked for the manager’s email and wrote him an impassioned note.

Not only did I receive a prompt reply, but the General Manager turned out to be a truly upstanding guy.

I found out on that fateful night of our superb dining experience that he is charming and well dressed, as well.

I am not mentioning his name so that he is not inundated with sob stories.


Le CouCou has a compelling interior. The light fixtures are enticing, the wide planked floors attractive and the kitchen is very french in feel.


We were lucky enough to secure a table that faced the active kitchen activity.


The large staff never stopped preparing and perfecting.

I think the best job goes to the sommeliers who have the fortunate task of sampling every bottle that is uncorked.

We were amazed that they were still standing by evenings end.


I broke the rules and broke bread. The crust was fabulous and I was tempted to use the butter as a body lotion…silky and sweet.

Our server was efficient, and very professional, but completely lacked charm or personality. We had an insight into the future of robotic servers.

Nevertheless, Alessandro was perfection and was a warm and knowledgeable addition to the service team and really made our evening even more enjoyable.


We selected a fabulous Trevellon Bordeaux ($123) which added to the brilliance of the meal.


We started off with Huitres Tiedes, warmed oysters with seaweed butter that when down easily ($14).


This was followed by Fleurs de Courgettes Farcies, lobster stuffed squash blossoms, yogurt, mint, dill, cucumber ($21).


Courtny and I were drawn to the Ris de Veau a L’Estragon, sweetbreads, crème de tomate, tarragon ($24). The sweetbreads, which is not usually on our must have list, were beyond fabulous.


David’s Salade de Homard, Sauce Lauris, lobster tail, basil, tomato was unbelievable.

Lobster Sauce
Lobster Sauce

The lobster meat was so sweet and the lettuce delicate and fresh…just as it it is served in Paris ($29). The sauce was liquid crack.


Courtny and I split the main course of Filet de Boeuf , jus a la moelle, queue dans la Boulangere translated to an exquisite prime filet, bone marrow jus ($48).


The accompanying Oxtail Potatoes were outrageous.


David’s Dover Sole Veronique was the best I have ever tasted. Delicate, rich, enhanced  with grapes and chanterelles ($48).

The desserts by pastry chef, Daniel Skurnick, were unbelievable and we could not decide.


The decision was difficult for all so they just brought us three, including cookies, a Chocolate Pave and Pear.


Chef David Rose took his first day off the night we were at Le CouCou, but I cannot imagine the food being finer than it was that night.

We first became fans when we dined at Rose’s internationally acclaimed restaurant, Spring, in Paris.

He has landed in NYC and has made a huge splash by teaming up with famed restaurateur, Stephen Starr.

Le Coucou is a destination dining experience that should not be missed.

Le Coucou
Le Coucou

Le Coucou 138 Lafayette Street New York City. Open for breakfast Monday-Friday 7-10:30am. Brunch Saturday and Sunday 11am-2pm. Dinner Sunday and Monday 5-10pm, Tuesday-Saturday 5-11pm. Lunch coming soon. Reservations on


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