Contractors & Conscious Uncoupling…

pain in the ass

Labor Day brought on a whole new meaning to labor pains.

Our contractor freaked and quit out of the blue.

Now we have a half finished kitchen which is as appealing as a day old half baked piece of fish…it stinks and is underwhelming.

Demolished Bathroom
Demolished Bathroom

Forget the bathrooms. I am ordering a Porta Potty for Sunset Boulevard….talk about squatters rights.

Monday, while the country barbecued, frolicked on the beach and shopped for back to school sales, we scrambled for contractors.

How do you judge a person’s workmanship online, garnering opinions from people you don’t know and who perhaps decorate from a Sears catalogue…not that is a bad thing, just not our thing.


I am going to throw this out to the universe. Why can’t those who buy real estate and renovate eradicate the time honored adage, “things will always take twice as long and cost twice as much?

Right now, Motel 6 is looking pretty damn appealing…hot water, a normal sized toilet seat and a free cup of coffee.

Untitled - Sign

Take me away…please!

And, Ms. Thing, I hope you fall on a hammer today and must have it surgerically removed. Then you will know what a pain in the ass you have been.


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