Shoot Hoops Not Bullets…

syracuse-orange-mascot1Allow me to briefly address one of my sports addictions.

The Syracuse University Orange basketball team is still undefeated, baby (as Dick Vitale would shout). They are 19-0 and play Wake Forest on Wednesday. Next Saturday, they have a HUGE ACC divisional game with 36,000 projected attendance in the enthusiastic Carrier Dome when Syracuse plays Duke at home.

Now let’s address the basic tenants of basketball…shooting and that is the ONLY shooting people should be doing in this country.

During Saturday’s game, there were alerts flying around about yet another mall shooting in Maryland. Three dead. When are we going confine shooting to the 3 point shot, the top of the key, the jump shot and a lay up?

What the hell is wrong with this country and when are people going to start really pushing back against Congress and the all powerful NRA and pass some strict gun regulation laws?


What does it take to incite citizens…20 little children dead plus 7 adults in the Sandy Hook School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut and right now the country seems passive and yet there are shootings of innocent people all the damn time.

I really think twice these days about going to a mall or movie theater. This is America. We actually have to be worry about personal safety when indulging in retail therapy.

A movie used to be an escape from reality. Now we have to peer into the dark to make sure we aren’t sharing the space with someone who is armed, dangerous, pissed off and unbalanced.

Let’s just keep the shooting contained to the basketball court. No one gets hurt and a loss can be painful, but not deadly, except maybe to my health.

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  1. As a Canadian, I’m so grateful we have our gun and health legislation . Wish yours was similar.

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