Cuisine de Costco…

All Beef Hot Dog

I sacrificed my body for this restaurant review. For my readers, I ingested a hot dog (without the bun, thank God), a slice of pepperoni pizza and a non fat yogurt.

We have just had a romantic, al fresco evening, double dating with the Kirkland’s of Costco. Shopping and eating…my two favorite pastimes.

David and I planned a Monday night rendezvous as we bypassed Saturday date night for his Krav Maga, 8 hour test. Sunday night was dedicated to football.

We kicked it off with a manic romp around Costco, playing grocery store sweepstakes, grabbing my cooking crack…PAM, cauliflower, cookies, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, Perrier, rotisserie chicken, an array of cheeses, scallops and some lovely bottles of wine.

After dropping $414.00, David proposed dining outside under the stars and full moon.

Al Fresco Dining

Al Fresco Dining

We started with an appetizer of all beef hot dog, weighing in at 1/4lb. The combo package included a 20 oz. diet Pepsi cocktail with a refill option for $1.50.

The main course was a slice of piping hot plain pizza for David and I indulged in a pepperoni slice for $1.99. There is also an option to order an entire 18 inch pie for the unbelievable price of $9.95.


The terrace was pleasantly quiet as is was a Monday night. The moon was full and the parking lot deserted at 8pm. We had a lovely view of  the neon flashing In-N-Out Burger sign.

al frescoThe clientele was a mixed bag. We were the only English speaking customers. The homeless man who tried to swipe our rotisserie chicken when we were at the honor bar getting our free refill, had a three course meal from the garbage can…his meal was cheaper than ours which topped out at $6.85.

We ended dinner with a perfect nonfat yogurt swirl and a side of churro with cinnamon and sugar.Churros

Nonfat Yogurt Swirl
Nonfat Yogurt Swirl

An exciting new menu addition was attracting many diners…the barbecue beef brisket sandwich ($4.99). Some were chowing down on chicken caesar ($3.99) as well as the hot turkey and provolone sandwich with mayo, red onions, tomato, basil ($3.99) . To top it off, a very berry sundae with strawberries (1.65).

In actuality, the hot dog was old fashioned delicious, the pizza gooey, crispy and cheesy and the frozen yogurt as good as Menchie’s or Yogurtland.

So next time you want to shop ’til you drop and then gorge yourself for under $10, drop by Costco and save and savour.




  1. I thought everyone ate their meals inside Costco – for free! Or perhaps that is just lunch… :-/

    • I was hoping to have a lovely dinner inside…we had a dining room set picked out to dine at, but the only samples last night were popcorn!

  2. You’re braver than I am…..

    • In actuality, the hot dogs are very good (I eat a hot dog twice per year!) and the pizza is good, especially for California. The non fat yogurt is quite tasty. The other items are not on my bucket list!

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