Come To My Window, An Open & Shut Case…

My kindness tour continues.

Commuters are very eager to give up their seat on the subway to a woman with a cane.

I was elated until I was 10 minutes into the brand new Melissa Etheridge one woman retrospective of her life and music on Broadway.

She is so halting and awkward telling her story that I felt embarrassed for her. I cannot believe that this show had two previous theater runs…something is seriously wrong.

It actually makes no sense in the respect that she has toured for years and personal patter between songs should come easily to Etheridge.

Hard to believe someone actually wrote this and that she spent time in rehearsals.

Her hits do not show up until Act 2 and the play is 21/2 hours which is too long to hear about anyone’s life.

We left early.

The window had closed.

Great weather, an uneventful subway ride home, fabulous Syracuse University and University of Colorado football wins made the disappointment bearable.

Sunday was gorgeous and then my heart broke.

My NY Giants were down 20-0 at halftime.

The clouds were black and threatening.

The third quarter started and suddenly the sun came out.

The Giants reeled off 31 points to win in the last minute of the game…biggest Giants comeback since 1949.

Melissa Etheridge slammed the window shut Saturday night and the Giants opened it up and let the sunshine in on Sunday.

Photo:San Diego Union Tribune

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