Come Now, Please…

Ms. Madison Avenue
Ms. Madison Avenue

I love my dog.

Waking up to my Madison every morning, all frisky and happy, makes my heart flip.

Madison is the only living thing that I would gladly wake up for at 6am, vacating my comfy bed to walk and feed.

I could cuddle with her all day long.

So why doesn’t she ever come when I call her anymore? I bring her bed into my bedroom at night and she hangs for a bit and then slinks out and crawls into a dark, tight corner in the living room.


If I say the word, TREAT, she is there in a New York minute. If I make a meal she is on top of me.

Perhaps I should dress like Lady Gaga at the MTV Video Music Awards in an appealing meat dress and Madison would constantly be by my side.

I know she loves me, but Madison can’t you pretty please come when you are called…just be with me instead of food and a walk being your major incentive.

I don’t think I ever chased after any guy, cover story or job opportunity as much as I pursue Madison, begging for attention.

I guess one of us is well trained.


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