Climb Every Mountain…

Yesterday I hiked a very steep mountainous path.

I was breathing like I suffer from COPD.

Oxygen please!

I exercise every day.

How is it possible to be so oxygen deprived?

To make matters more challenging, my body felt as if each portion belonged to others…I just couldn’t get into the connective flow.

I prevailed and made it to the top and then ran downhill, dodging bees and mosquitos, but thankfully no mountain lions or snakes which have been sighted.

I am still limping from my ankle injury, but X-rays are clean.

Burdened with my new gait, I assume that I will finally have to give up my dream of conquering the runway, unless the fashionistas are looking for sublime  imperfection.

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  1. You’re not oxygen deprived, it’s in the air. How your body is unable to use it properly is the issue. I’m a pediatrician, COPD is not within my area of expertise, read up on COPD, as I just did. Apparently, the diagnosis is often missed, see your doctor.

  2. Wow. I’m impressed. You really pushed yourself and succeeded. 👏👏👏

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