Clear Sailing…

I cry during sentimental commercials.

I well up when there is anything untoward done toward animals.

I get all misty over random acts of kindness.

In the game of life I am as hard as nails when need be.

I definitely don emotional armor.

And on Sundays I leave it all behind for my family.

I love Sundays…not the nighttime, though…I still harbor a school/work Sunday night hangover.

Nothing revolutionary happens on Sunday during the NFL off-season.

Lots less stress.

The game plan is hit the road to my daughter’s apartment by 9am.

No traffic and all day parking is readily available.

We find a new weekly breakfast spot and fuel up.

Next, we wash the doggies at the one and only do it yourself dog wash located in the village.

Courtny and David do the doggie wash and dry while I do our sheets at Courtny’s place because she lives the modern life and has an in-house washer/dryer.

Screw landmark buildings where that 21st century necessity is verboten.

We then proceed to walk the city with the girls in tow, shop around, indulge in weekly manicures and pedicures, have lunch and wrap the daytime activities with several innings of the Yankee game.

Nothing makes me happier than hangin’ with my wonderful family.

Nothing else fills me up that way…okay a Giants Super Bowl win or a Chanel bag, world peace, the demise of Agent Orange but besides that, I’m a happy camper just hangin’ on a Sunday afternoon.


  1. Ronda Spinak says:

    Love this one….

  2. Beth Martin says:

    Beautifully said and a wonderful tradition. I’m envious!

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