Cleansing Thoughts…


Yesterday was Yom Kippur.

I began the day before sunrise.

I reflected on the past year.

My fast started at sunset on Sunday after I atoned for another N.Y. Giants and Yankee loss…I need to reassess my devout loyalty to these sports teams.

Around 3pm Monday when the typical fasting headache was rearing its ugly head I had an epiphany.

In hindsight I can see 2020.

Why would I need to fast and purge myself of all the past purported mortal sins when I have girded my loins and jumped into the New Normal, fastidiously quarantining and basically forfeiting life as I knew it through most of hellish 2020.

How many more hits and sustained emotional erosion can humans endure after living in Coronaville, experiencing raging fires, riots, fiscal uncertainty and a trump dictatorship.

Screw it!

Atonement completed…cleansing accomplished.

I broke bread and called it a day.




  1. Mazel tov

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