Cleaning Is My Life…

Home Sweet Home.

Not so much.

My family home is like an insecure lover…non-stop demands for more love, attention and if you really care, throw some money at me.

Yesterday in the drizzle, heat and humidity David and I were climbing ladders armed with windex, miles of paper towels and squeegees.

The professionals wanted $500 to clean the windows.

I pushed back and my only alternative was to do it myself so I recruited my cabana boy and headed to Connecticut with the dogs who obediently sat inside with the AC blasting and watched us perform demanding manual labor.

Along the way we had to clean paint droppings that painters had left behind, sweep the newly finished hardware floors and while dripping wet, pull some unwelcome weeds.

Now we are faced with another expensive decision…paint the trim or let it be.

This demanding lover is starting to get on my nerves.

Despite the lifetime of memories, I am beginning to think I really need to sever the relationship.



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