Clean Machine…

Insidious dust.

Does anyone know why homes become dusty overnight?

I know the dogs contribute to the dust bunnies and their hair loves to congregate around baseboards, but the dogs only live in New York so what is my excuse in other locales?

I am officially the resident in-house Domestic Engineer having foregone cleaning ladies over a decade ago.

I possess a genetic flaw from Queen E…I have a history of tidying up before the cleaning person arrived.

After decades of cleaning crews, my mother had warned me that if you do not move furniture and decorating items, they will not dust.

It was too much pressure and pre-game work so I forfeited the luxury and donned the rubber gloves and accompanying Windex bottle adorned tool belt.

Alas, cleaning has become part of my daily routine like toning, flossing and brushing.

I do not enjoy the intensely specific cleaning process, although similar to aggressively deliberate long walks with Finnley, it is a useful way of working out nagging issues.

In the end, I greatly appreciate a clean, orderly home.

Making beds is also a specific art form never duplicated by outsiders.

Nothing beats a perfectly made bed with clean, slightly fragrant sheets framed by crisp hospital corners.

If things get tough, I can always sell my expertise, but I draw the line at cleaning other people’s bathrooms.

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