Charred Not Grilled…

The dynamic duo got game in NYC.

My daughter and I decided to have a Mad Men Moment and dine at the hottest restaurant in the city, the much anticipated, The Grill, in the Seagram Building.

The Grill

The Major Food Group (Carbone, Sadelle’s, Parm, Dirty French, Santina) recently zoomed in and took control,  revamping the iconic Four Seasons space, after receiving the nod from the owner, the Royal Rosen.

Aby Rosen is a real estate tycoon and noted collector of modern and contemporary art.

He had unceremoniously kicked out the reigning proprietors, Julian Niccolini and Alex Von Bidder, who lauded over The Grill and The Pool for decades.

We hated The Grill.

Firstly, the restaurant was stripped and then made to look exactly the same.

Why have plastic surgery to make yourself look exactly the same?!

The Grill radiates brown and is very much a boys club.

The diners looked like Trumps’ cabinet…rich, white, overweight with noticeable comb overs.

The attention to detail is evident…even the tablecloths are ironed on the spot after every redressing.

Warmed Dinner Plate

The dinner plates were warmed, the salt and pepper shakers were silver and weighted so slipping them into your bag was out of the question.

The dinner roll looked like all the bread I was served when I lived with the Kennedy’s…uninspired, doughy and white.

Chopped Paillard Salad

We selected the Chopped Paillard Salad which looked attractive, but was as salty as the Dead Sea.

Bu bye…the waiter, who was a giant, swaying tree of a man, did not even stop by to register his deep rooted sadness that our chopped salad sucked.

When I asked for water and declined still or sparkling instead choosing tap, I thought I had passed gas his expression was so distasteful.

Black Bass

The Black Bass was delicious and served regally with much pomp and circumstance.. It was a 6oz. piece of fish for $39.

The Porterhouse Steak is $150 and the Jumbo Shrimp go for $20 each. The Dover Sole will run you $82.

You get the drift.

The other surprising element…the desserts were mostly white…what?

We were gifted with cookies to counterbalance the salt attack.

Our neighbors ordered the $29 hamburger and were greatly disappointed. The bun was not even toasted and it was American cheese…seriously?

The artwork in the lobby is impressive.

The Grill Ladies Room

The first floor ladies room is elegant. We were surprised that Marlene Dietrich or Lana Turner didn’t pop in to powder their nose.

The doorman is a doll.

Once he welcomes you in, it is all downhill after that.

I think the Major Food Group is as overrated as Melania Trump’s bullying platform.

Forget The Grill.

There are so many better restaurants at half the price.

The Grill The Seagram Building 99 East 52nd Street. New York City. Lunch Monday-Friday 11:45am-2pm. Dinner served Monday-Saturday 5-11pm. Closed Sunday. To make a reservation,  email:


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