Casting Votes…

I voted early for the next mayor of NYC along with judges, ballot proposals and other political positions.

It will be so good to be rid of DeBlasio.

I also cast my ballot for the Broadway musical, Girl From The North Country.

Bob Dylan’s music is mesmerizing and the lyrics take on an entirely different meaning when sung by others within the context of a play.

To be honest I never realized that Dylan’s music contained such a gospel overtone.

He is undeniably a true poet.

The Girl From the North Country is actually a song written by Dylan and released in 1963.

The musical is set at a guesthouse where a group of broken souls  cross paths, realizing nothing in life is what it seems.

As they search for a future, while hiding from the past, they find themselves facing harsh realities.

The cast is superb and their voices blend seamlessly.

Get yourself to, Girl From The North Country.

Just a reminder, vote whenever the opportunity arises. It is still an inalienable right.

BTW, this weekend a conflict arose. We had tickets to see The Lehman Trilogy on Broadway. I bought tickets through and yesterday they called me personally to say they received my email and would honor our tickets for another day…what a lovely surprise.

Girl From The North Country Belasco Theatre 111 West 44th Street NYC. Running time 2:30. Tickets on sale through January 17th, 2022.

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