Carpe Diem…


Live for today. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow. Carpe Diem.

Yeah, sure. We hear these sayings bandied about, nod our acknowledgement and let them go. Last week, I had a shock and felt a need to re-evaluate.

I have a friend in New York who is a vivacious, spirited, animated woman and  a talented lighting designer and decorator. Several months ago I actually blogged about her business.

Elizabeth Polish and Her Creations
Elizabeth Polish and Her Creations

I met Elizabeth at Armani Casa. In moments, we hit it off and she helped me to decorate my NYC apartment. We had a date to photograph my place for her portfolio in April.

A few months ago, we spent a gorgeous fall day together and had a ball. We did a ladies who lunch at Mario Batali’s. Casa Mono restaurant on charming Irving Place in the Gramercy neighborhood and then hit up every floor at ABC Carpet. We entertained flights of fancy as we pointed out all the items we would buy for our imaginary mansion.

She was the inspiration for my “No Ma’am” post. That was the middle of October.

She would be dead days later from a fatal infection. 57, smart, creative, vibrant. Her light burned bright and now she is gone. I wanted/needed to salute her talent, honesty and generosity of spirit.

Elizabeth I will miss you.  You shined a light on many lives.

Elizabeth Polish
Elizabeth’s Design


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