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Weekend Update…

Saturday dawned cloudy, but unseasonably warm. We got up and out early and caught a 9am IMAX showing of the new James Bond flick, Spectre.

You have to love and respect the 007 franchise. Spectre is the 24th installment in the 53 year long Bond filmography.

When the James Bond theme blasts through the screen you are amped and ready for edge of your seat thrills.

The explosive opening sequence takes place in Mexico City in the midst of the Day of the Dead parade. It is Bond theatrics at their best, featuring a helicopter stunt that takes your breath away.

Bond babes, sexy cars and gimmicks. The indestructible Bond consistently provides a fierce ride.

Daniel Craig as James Bond photo: newstude.com
Daniel Craig as James Bond
photo: newstude.com

The film is styling. Daniel Craig’s suits are to die for and everyone is sporting gorgeous Tom Ford spectacles.

Exhausted and hungry, we then strolled up to Barney Greengrass and waited about 20 minutes for a table.

We were seated next to a young couple. We talked restaurants for an hour.

I sent them to Sociale on Saturday night.

Who knows if they enjoyed because I never heard from them.

We departed Barney’s and explored Central Park and then cruised through a plethora of stores on Madison Avenue and in Columbus Circle.

All the windows were sequestered, awaiting a Holiday reveal.

Yesterday, I was day tripping in Westport, Connecticut. I took my mom out to lunch at our favorite place in the area, The Spotted Horse.

Lobster Mac & Cheese
Lobster Mac & Cheese

We dined on lobster mac & cheese…what could be bad.

A 20-month-old toddler was flirting with me from his perch one table over.

He is going to be a lady slayer.

We waved, played peek-a-boo and had a generally goofy time…regressing is one of my all-time favorite activities…just ask my daughter and husband.

The lad was feeling a bit under the weather and his parents could not get him to eat.

I love a challenge and cannot stand to see anyone bypass delish food so let the games begin.

He was rejecting the grilled chicken tidbits so when our mac & cheese arrived, before I tainted it with adult germs, I brought him a plate.

What toddler can refuse the perennial favorite?!

His parents were blown away by my gesture. Their son devoured the treat. I had a ball challenging him with every bite, raising the roof when he made it all gone.

They departed and we waved our goodbyes and I told them to have him call me in 2 decades…who knows, maybe I will reach Cougar status in my waning years.

My wonderful cousin Susan joined us soon after as she lives nearby.

Chocolate Cake Treat
Chocolate Cake Treat

We were chatting and the server delivered a molten chocolate cake adorned with whipped cream and a side of ice cream. As much as I wanted to sample, I was honest and told him he had made a mistake.

No, the family that had just left wanted to thank me for brightening their day.

I was close to tears. What an incredibly lovely gesture.

I wanted to reach out and thank these fabulous peeps, but no one in the restaurant knew who they were.

Driving back to the city from the ‘burbs I decided to send the thank you out to the blogosphere and applaud thoughtfulness and kindness.

Conversely, I went out of my way at Barney Greengrass to inform a young, successful, highly educated couple about where to dine in the city.

I called the Fabulous Francesco at Sociale to squeeze them in on a crowded Saturday night and I never heard back even though they promised to email.

Some have class and some don’t.

Bravo and thank you for the deliciously memorable life experience in Westport, Connecticut.

My young friend will have a bright future with parents like his ushering him through life.



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