Candy Coated Comments…

Tucker Carlson, the onerous Fox News personality, just raged against candy-coated wokeness.

The monster from the polluted Fox red lagoon just spoke out against the change in the brown M&M’s footwear…”M&M’s will not be satisfied until every last cartoon character is deeply unappealing and totally androgynous. Until the moment you wouldn’t want to have a drink with any one of them. That’s the goal. When you’re totally turned off, we’ve achieved equity…

I could not have said it better…that is exactly how I feel about the charmless, never to melt in your mouth Carlson.

Talkin’ charm I am really enjoying the plethora of seasons of the Danish hit series, Rita, showcased on Netflix.

Rita is an outspoken, rebellious, deeply invested teacher who is loved by her students. Her meaningful professional life is in sharp contrast to her tumultuous personal life as an independent, sexually charged single mother of three.

In closing, I wish life was as exciting as the final 2 minute drill of all four NFL weekend playoff games…hate to say it, but winning is everything!

Hoping today’s post is as satisfying as my personal favorite red and blue M&M’s.

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