Can You Really Fix Stupid…

Finally was able to get the Wicked Witch of Realtors to hop on her broom and fly away.

My family homestead will soon be back on the market and as much as my childhood home means to me it is draining financially.

It is time to sever ties…just need a buyer.

Which brings me to how disgustingly disappointing people can be.

I recently checked out the house and found floaters in the toilet, rolls of toilet paper taken, indoor floor mats stolen, water bottles left in the sink and the thermostat left at 71 degrees when I had it set at 50 resulting in a $500 heating bill this past month.

Are you kidding me?!

Please note that the house is as empty as the perpetual look on Melania Trump’s altered visage.

This was all done under the auspices of adults…I am gobsmacked.

Which brings me to another grown up action that made me stop in my tracks.

Yes, it is one man’s opinion, but you just know that there are many believers.

Yann Moix, a successful French author and host of a popular TV talk show claimed that he was “incapable” of loving women over 50.

In an interview with the french edition of Marie Claire magazine, he declared that women of a certain age are invisible to him.

“I prefer young women’s bodies, that’s all. The body of a 25 year-old is extraordinary. The body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all.”

Said by a man who is over 50 and possesses an unremarkable physical presence.

He doesn’t get out much.

I would die to have the body of Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, Sandra Bullock or Halle Berry.

I want to reiterate, these are grown up actions, not social media obsessed teenagers or self-absorbed millennials.

Talk about adults saying and doing the damnedest things.

Do not look any farther than DJ Humpty Trumpty, who interrupted prime time programming last night to spew more lies and spin a breathy spiel complete with melodic hook, (cue drums) 🎼immigrants are murderers, drug dealers and rapists greatest hits package, produced by l’l Hitler, Stephen Miller, but I digress.

Adults get your shit together and clean up your act.

Let’s collectively strive to fix stupid.

And never forget to flush.

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  1. Beth Martin says:

    That’s awful and last night was a crazy rage riot. Adults behaving badly on all counts. I hope the house sells quickly. Enough is enough. Soon you’ll be footloose and fancy free.

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