California Girl…


I love head games.

I accomplish so much in California because I float through my time here in the Eastern Time zone and am amazed that by 9am Pacific Time I am pretty much done with exercising, cleaning, writing and food preparation.

The rest of the day is mine to manipulate.

Some days I flounder, but I always rebound and find meaning or practicality.

Los Angeles lacks the cultural offerings that abound in New York City.

I can’t decide to go to theatre one hour before the curtain goes up.

Southern California does showcase interesting museums. Unfortunately, nothing fabulous is on exhibit this month.

Dinner reservations make for a challenging drive downtown or to Hollywood as all the new, interesting dining spots are landing in the farther reaches of the city.

Friends are on my shortlist. No parents to meet through your school age children, no gym mates and you are not going to meet people walking as you do in Central Park.

I live in a blonde highlighted, Birkin, Lululemon, Range Rover neighborhood so cozying up to a female over coffee at the upscale Caffe Luxxe or Alfred’s has as much chance of happening as a Housewife admitting she had “work” done to her face and body.

I love my home and cooking is fun when you have room to spread out.

Seeing the ocean every day is everything and my husband adores Los Angeles.

Just like the time zones life is a constant adjustment.

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