C U Next Tuesday…

Wow, a cigarette recklessly tossed when a cigarette stanchion is positioned nearby with a gaping hole for all butts.

I pulled out the diplomatic me and turned towards the pathetic DNA blob and nicely said (I am being absolutely sincere), “Sir, we are trying to keep the street clean, would you mind just depositing your butt in the cigarette stanchion behind you.

His lovely retort, “Fuck you, you fat CYouNextTuesday.”

I pivoted in shock and stated, “What did you call me?!”

This charming refrain followed, “Don’t you have anything better to do with your time and don’t look so shocked. A whore like you should know what it is like to be called a dirty fucking CYouNextTuesday.”

I went directly to the head of security.

He checked the video and found the excrement.

The Production chief at the daytime tv show called to apologize and we discussed anger management and a tutorial on verbiage.

It can be troubling to take an episode like this further, but no one should address a woman this way…at least get to know me before you define me and still that unprovoked response is completely unacceptable.

Chew on that you sexist, foul mouth, angry, insignificant little man.

Have a lovely weekend all.





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