Building Musical Bridges…

Leon Bridges
Leon Bridges

Ventured to the east village to witness my latest obsession up close and personal.


Leon Bridges, an American gospel and soul singer from Fort Worth, Texas was headlining Webster Hall downtown.

I must admit it may be my last SRO concert…not because my legs are middle-aged, but because of all the 20 something Entitlementors who frequent the scene.

Why buy a ticket and go to the concert if all you are going to do is text, get high, make out and feel each other up above and below the waist?!

I have never been banged into and bumped quite so much and I am talking about attending countless concerts (heavy metal included) since 1980.

Alrighty then, back to Leon.

I felt as if I was transported back to the 1950’s. I could have been standing at the Apollo listening to a combination of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke.

Leon Bridges
Leon Bridges

Approximately one year ago, while meeting with record companies interested in releasing his debut album, Leon Bridges was working as a dishwasher in Texas.

Last December, after signing with Columbia Records, his life changed and his dishwashing career went down the drain.

The R&B singer/songwriter singer’s first album, Coming Home, debuted at No. 6 on the pop chart in June and Bridges’ won acclaim for his soul-streaked vocals and songwriting.

The retro R&B singer was born 26 years ago in Atlanta, but grew up in Texas.

His parents split when he was a child and he didn’t get involved in music until he attended a community college in Fort Worth.

He was more interested in dance and possibly pursuing a career in choreography when he began hanging out between classes with a keyboard-playing fellow student and the rest is musical history.

Along with a sold-out tour, Leon Bridges is definitely happening. His soulful tune, So Long, is included in the upcoming NFL drama, Concussion, starring Will Smith.

Leon Bridges
Leon Bridges

Leon is a smooth dude with a great voice, wonderful material and a retro ‘tude, including sporting vintage clothing.

Putting on my publicist spectacles, he needs to tighten up his show…no flow even though the songs are old school, romantic and easy to listen to.

Leon also needs better banter, but that will come.

I loved his 7 piece band. The saxophonist and vocalist were stellar.

The old-school soul singer looks poised to make a big splash.

A shout out to my daughter for initially turning me onto Bridges. She could be an amazing A&R executive. I’m pushing for a hat trick as a music, sports and TV agent.

Sit back and listen to the talented Leon Bridges’ hit, Coming Home

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