Buh Bye 2021…

As the sun sets on an interesting year we wave Buh Bye to 2021.

I shall willingly unmask my feelings about the past year.

In May, after 15 months in confinement, I cautiously broke free and ventured back into the real world.

Reality hit hard…another Covid year, another variant, another dental disaster, another failed football and baseball season.

The upside is thankfully, we are all allegedly healthy and happy.

2021 introduced a first time female Vice President, George Floyd’s family found a degree of justice, Olivia Rodrigo got her driver’s license, #FreeBritney worked and she’s no longer “Toxic”, the Suez Canal finally got unclogged, Facebook went Meta and it truly doesn’t Matta’, Booster shots were harder to find than Birken bags, Bennifer was everywhere and seriously who cares, January 6th happened yet no big players have been spanked, the Squid Games oozed in and women’s rights have been severely challenged.

So screw it…I am closing out the year on a gorgeous beach with amazing weather.

The Florida renovation continues to be a nightmare, New York was a total victory and that sums up life…you win some and you lose some, but you have to dress for every game.

At least Agent Orange is muzzled and my daily dose of collagen has improved my nails and spared me the need for hair extensions.

Hoping 2022 is filled with joy, good health, a surprising Democratic win in the midterm elections and an abundance of vaccinated Americans.

Let’s all pledge to work diligently to fix stupid in the New Year🥳

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