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sponsored by2Coming to you Live from…IF THE DEVIL HAD MENOPAUSE…the blog that cleanses your soul brought to you by Summer’s Eve. Yes, even douches enjoy my blog.

summers eve

The visible words are subsidized by Lenovo computers and my creativity is promoted by the consumption of Chopin Vodka, the best potato vodka in the world.chopin

My inspiration is underwritten by, ESPN, NY Magazine and my life experiences…ny times

Get the picture…which is sponsored by Instagram…instagram

It appears that everything is branded or sponsored by a company these days. At the moment, I am hangin’ in NYC. I often listen to the WCBS broadcasts of the Yankee game. Every single moment of the game is sponsored by a company…it is obnoxious, trite and interferes with my listening pleasure. But, in order to promote and support business and life endeavors, you need sponsorship and financial backing.

The negative is you are beholden to others, but imagine if Cartier underwrote your

arms and fingers…cartier

Your outfits promoted by J.Crew…  jcrew

your handbags by Chanel…chanel

Feet by Christian Louboutin… christian louboutin

aggression sponsored by the NY Giants… ny giants

Mood swings brought to you by Ben & Jerry…ben

What a way to get through life, but at what cost?

I am not really sure what the bottom line is, but has life become so unrealistically expensive that there is no longer a possibility for grass roots business, ideas, promotion…everything has to be backed by a brand?

Is that why the world is filled with star fuckers, obsessed with celebrity…validation to drop names, labels? Is that what we are all about now…afraid to stand on our own merits and personalities, intelligence, afraid to be yourself and not aligned with fame, labels or money? Food for thought, my friends…I ain’t sponsored by nobody, but menopause. I need to get me some sponsorship to take the Devil to new and exciting Hellish heights…I think…

sponsored by mom

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