Broccoli On My Rear Bumper…

Back to reality.

Superb flight from Mexico and then we landed.

We decided to take a cab from JFK because it is a fixed price fare of $52 into the city…such a deal.

You have to walk at least one mile across the interconnecting Skywalk to reach the cab stand.

We waited a few minutes and a driver pulled up.

We attempted to load our carry on bags into the trunk.

Surprisingly, there was a layer of broccoli on the cab’s back bumper.

I engaged my foot to lift the trunk and avoid the broccoli…literally the entire trunk area was covered with leafy green garlic anointed trees.

He said he was eating dinner when the call came.

I just did not want to engage and find out if he was eating his dinner off his rear bumper.

We proceeded along the Van Wyck Expressway at the express rate of 35mph not due to traffic, but the fact that he was still consuming his dinner and driving with one hand.

He appeared agitated when I informed him that going on the toll free road was the fastest route according to Waze and Google.

For some reason he found that plan offensive and said if he was saving us the toll we should put an extra $10 in his tip.

Then I realized he had Mr. Magoo prescription sunglasses on and his vision appeared to be impaired.

The cab was ancient. It was difficult to clip in the seatbelt and I lost a nail trying to accomplish that feat.

During this riveting interlude we were serenaded with roaring Bollywood soundtracks.

Once dinner was all gone he flossed his teeth with one hand…a feat that I cannot comprehend.

Another conundrum along with a bad braking technique.

Upon arriving home the cab driver sat outside our apartment for 10 minutes perhaps re-flossing.

Welcome to New York!!

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  1. Better The big apple! Than the big broccoli! Welcome back!

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