Broadway For Morons…

Leguizamo’s Show Attracts Brainless Entitled Subhuman…

It’s 3am and I could cry.

The frustration from a night on Broadway is pumping through my veins making it impossible to sleep.

The torture lasts an additional 60 minutes since Daylight Savings time unfortunately falls away today.

I love darkness at 4pm said no one ever.

Anyway, I digress.

My emotional state stems from an evening with John Leguizamo at his flawed yet funny and poignant one man Broadway show, Latin History For Morons.

The first 30 minutes were hysterical until a drunk, Attention Deficient asshole showed up with his gum cracking ‘ho.

From the minute he sat down and started his left leg drumming. I knew I was in for a theater experience like no other.

For the next 60 minutes he talked non-stop and read his emails out loud to his enabler from his illuminated phone.

He threatened people around him who shushed him, unfolded papers from his pocket, played with his female companions hair or kissed her, spit his gum on the floor and then unwrapped another piece  to keep his hideous pie hole active.

There wasn’t an usher anywhere to be found.

All this was happening literally right under Leguizamo’s nose as we sat second row center orchestra at Studio 54.

The irony was not lost on me as the show is based on Leguizamo’s son who was recently the victim of unrelenting bullying at his posh NYC private school.

Usually, I have no inhabition about asking people to be courteous during a Broadway show (no talking, gun chewing or using your cell), but this rude, ignorant piece of shit was a dry piece of tinder ready to ignite.

Concerned due to the violent mood in America and the fact that he said he would kill anyone who shushed him again, I stayed silent.

I hypocritically endured the bad behavior, wasted a $110 ticket and exited overwrought because of a really hideous human being who was way above his intellectual pay grade at the clever show.

I missed most of the dialogue because his voice canceled out Lequizamo’s.

How Legizamo missed the opportunity to single out this piece of human trash who even screamed at the actor in Spanish is unbeknownst to me…Leguizamo remained focused as it is a very demanding performance.

it was as if the Latino version of Donald Trump was seated next to me.

Yet again, as is the norm during these tumultuous times, bad behavior was rewarded and those well behaved around the human excrement and his submissive date, paid the price.




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