Broadway Bonanza…


So much to do.

I don’t want to inundate readers with Broadway reviews, but the shows I have seen recently are definitely worth noting.

Vacation in Manhattan even if you live here.

The theater, museums, restaurants, springtime weather, shopping is unrivaled. Forget Paris and London, it is all happening in NYC.

Something Rotten
Something Rotten

This week I went to a matinee with my friend from Los Angeles who is hanging in New York for three months. Sandy is up for anything and a great  playmate. We bought half price tickets at TKTS and had very good seats in the mezzanine for Something Rotten.

Set in the 1590s, brothers Nick and Nigel Bottom brothers are desperate to write a hit play, but are stuck in the shadow of that Renaissance rockstar, “The Bard” aka, William Shakespeare.

A soothsayer named, Nostradamus, foretells that the future of theater involves…wait for it… singing, dancing and acting at the same time. The brothers set out to write the world’s very first musical.

We laughed the entire time and enjoyed immensely, but please help me to understand why people have to talk during a play.

Is a musical that difficult to comprehend?! Perhaps, I can recommend a Disney production to those morons who are not mature enough for grown up shows.

We all pay a hefty price for two hours of entertainment. I do not attend theater to hear your stupid, random questions and banter as well having to witness ear licking and observe the art of hicky giving 101 on a grotesquely fat neck.

And, theatergoers, if you cannot make it through 1-2 hours without sustenance, then just like a 5 hour erection, please seek medical attention.

Christian Borle
Christian Borle

Something Rotten was ridiculously entertaining. Probably the most clever lyrics I have heard in ages.

Something Rotten Cast
Something Rotten Cast

The talent is beyond great with leading roles from Brian d’Arcy James, Christian Borle, John Cariani, Brad Oscar, Brooks Ashmanskas and Heidi Blickenstaff…we used to stroll Central Park together with the doggies.

Last week my daughter was able to hook us up with house seats to, The Audience. House seats are the way to see theater…perfect, unobstructed view for a fabulous show. Helen Mirren is flawless, as always.

The Audience, Helen Mirren
The Audience, Helen Mirren

The Audience focuses on the weekly audiences given by Queen Elizabeth II to the prime ministers from her accession in 1952 to the present day.

Standing ovation for The Audience.

I had already seen The Audience in London. I was so happy I did not pass on seeing it a second time as they made major changes giving the play new life.

The play is lighter, breezier and the ending is time sensitive even including the new royal princess, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Backstage at The Audience
Backstage at The Audience


Rod McLachlan, who plays a convincing Prime Minister Gordon Brown and was our backstage guide, was charming and gracious on a coveted tour.

Helen Mirren, Michael Elwyn photo:joan marcus/
Helen Mirren, Michael Elwyn photo:joan marcus/

We ran into Dylan Baker who was impressive in the role of John Major. I was taken aback for a moment because he plays such a convincing psychopath on, The Good Wife.

The Way We Get By
The Way We Get By

I changed it up and went Off-Broadway to see Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski in, The Way We Get By.

Neil LaBute, Amanda Seyfried, Thomas Sadoski, Leigh Silverman  photo:
Neil LaBute, Amanda Seyfried, Thomas Sadoski, Leigh Silverman photo:

Neil LaBute’s two-character play follows Beth and Doug, two people who wake up together following a drunken wedding reception. The pair face a very awkward morning after revolving around love, lust and everyday complications.

I kept turning around, looking for my husband because the dialogue sounded so familiar.

Ikea Set
Ikea Set, The Way We Get By

The front row ticket was only $47, cash only at TKTS. The theater is small and intimate so you can really see Amanda and Thomas up close and personal as well as identify every Ikea item down to the spice rack.

Thomas Sadoski, Amanda Seyfried
Thomas Sadoski, Amanda Seyfried photo:

Seyfried is compelling, but Sadoski is unbelievable. I was always drawn to his character on The Newsroom. It is worth seeing, The Way We Get By, just for his performance.

Directed by Leigh Silverman, the Off-Broadway show will play a limited engagement through June 14.

Pinch me, I am so lucky to live in a city that offers a daily dose of exciting, stimulating opportunities.

Start spreading the news. New York City is the place to be.

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