Bringing Up Bieber…

mom helicopterMothers, gather round. When you have a child, you fly by the seat of your pants. No matter how many books you read, or how many parenting courses you take or how many conversations you have with experienced mothers, we are all just winging it.

When they are infants there is a extensive amount of repetition as it is all about sleeping, eating, bathing, diaper changes and some frustrating cries and gas. Gradually, it becomes rote. The baby turns into a mini adult, a bond is formed and you become more comfortable with being a parent.

Involved, concerned parental units continually aid in the decision making process and are always on red alert.

The question is, do we ever let go?  Courtny flew to New York City very last minute for business meetings. She arrived at her apartment at 8pm, packed and had to make an 11pm flight. I was her wingman, helping with packing and then driving her to the airport.

3 am rolled around  and my internal alarm clock went off…I had to check her flight status…what the hell, I stayed up and texted her information about the driver who was supposed to pick her up at JFK, but was stuck in a snow bank. I also texted our super to put the heat on in our apartment as it was 6 degrees when she landed.

When I talked to her after her meetings yesterday, I asked a millions questions about work, provided a list of fabulous new restaurants and then realized, without provocation, that I was driving her crazy. I have become my mother, peppering her with innane questions and being a helicopter mom. I was annoying the hell out of myself…what was she feeling?!

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Trending today is Justin Bieber…where the hell is his mother?! The kid is out of control, except for his hair which is always stylin”.

In the past, his mother was always present (believe me, I have not caught Bieber Fever). But, I read and I am current and it seemed as if his mom was guiding his career, going on tour and now it appears that he is frequently in trouble. Why would Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallete, leave a 19-year old to his own devices?

Word on the street is he allegedly takes drug, drives fast and furious, and hangs with a wild posse.  Yesterday, Bieber was arrested for drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid driver’s license at 4am in Miami Beach. We all know that nothing good happens after midnight. I was up. He should have called me for advise.

When I toured the world with “my” rock bands, I never let them out of my sight after a gig unless they were holed up in their hotel rooms. Nocturnal naughtiness was prevalent. During the day, I knew they were sleeping, watching soaps, playing golf or doing press. Drunkeness, disorderly conduct, statutory rape were always on my mind and were all too high a price to pay so I became the all seeing and knowing morality policewoman.

Adulthood presents a delicate balance between letting go and being an engaged, involved parent. I vote for hanging in there, keeping a safe, respectful distance yet still taking jabs and enduring a litany of, “Mom, stop!”

I want to always be a part of my daughter’s life. She keeps me tech savvy, well dressed, is vigilant about detecting foreign matter in my teeth and nose and keeps me young. In turn, I uphold my end of the bargain…I cook, clean, loan out accessories and impart my priceless and boundless wisdom.


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