Brilliance of Belcanto…

Eye candy.

With substance and unimagined taste.

A modern take on classic dishes.

Belcanto Restaurant

Welcome to Belcanto.

It is my duty to enlighten you about the culinary magic we experienced at Belcanto in Lisbon, Portugal, a two-star Michelin restaurant.

Executive Chef, Jose Avillez, is a young, talented, chef who showcases his creativity through his conceptional food.

Belcanto, in Lisbon’s Chiado neighborhood, had been around for many decades before Avillez took it over and gave it an elegant face-lift and entirely new, innovative menu.

Recently, we landed in Lisbon at 9am and by 1:30 we were seated in the attractive, intimate restaurant indulging in a memorable 14 course lunch.

The service, the Port, the wines, the gorgeous food was mesmerizing. The 3 hour culinary journey was thrilling.

The staff was exceedingly gracious and welcoming.

They invited me into the kitchen where magic was being made in an impressive room emanating efficiency and a plethora of skilled,  dedicated staff.

Avillez was off in Israel, demonstrating his talents. I spoke to the interim chef who was so kind and informative.

The kitchen was run like a well oiled machine.

We commenced our fantasy tour with Porto and Luiz Costa Pinot.

Please join in an illustrated journey of our innovative dining experience.

Just remember, looks can be deceiving…nothing tastes as it appears.

If you find yourself in Lisbon, Belcanto is a MUST.

Belcanto Largo de São Carlos 10, 1200-410 Lisboa, Portugal. Open for lunch and dinner. Set menu 150 Euros.


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