Breathe Deeply…


The following is an equation I can comprehend, but not necessarily solve.

I am a worrier.

Therefore, it translates into stress and I spend too much time being stressed out.

A total waste of time and energy.

Stress + worry=deep doo doo.

Being a problem solver, I try my best to quell the stress and eliminate the worry, but it ain’t easy.

I try to talk myself down which benefits my doggies because I am always taking them for long walks to work out my issues.

On airplanes, I resort to the Lamaze breathing method which helped greatly during childbirth and serves as a bit of a distraction during turbulence.

I reach out to my family for that human connection, but they usually tell me to get over it.

I try to identify triggers which right now are dental bills, vet bills, car bills, renovation costs, eating less carbs since I am going to Mexico for my birthday, users and keeping a recurring nightmare from running for the Coop Board.

So, now that I know what my triggers are and how to breathe through them, any ideas on how to earn or uncover a treasure trove of money or a way of infusing people with kindness and understanding?

Probably should give up supporting sports teams if I really want to eradicate persistent, underlying stress…the Yankees/Red Sox game last night almost did me in.



  1. Toby, an acting coach referred me to a breathe therapist. I went to her a week ago. Extraordinary. Who knew how much we hang onto in our body when we’re not breathing properly – literally holding on to our breathe. If it’s not ‘digested’ – it stores up in our bodies, at times, for years. So, go to your baseball games, but BREATHE, BABY, BREATHE!!!! Deeply!

    • We always seem to be on the same wavelength!! During the Yankees/Red Sox battle last night, I expended an enormous amount of oxygen. Now Every Breath I Take, I will think of you!!

  2. Time to breathe fresh HAWAIIAN air and a hike to the lava…
    Swimming with the dolphins … just a good Da’kine Hawaiian chilling
    How about it?
    I am waiting for you!!!!

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