Breakfast Perfection At Republique…LA Restaurant Review

Thankfully, Republique does not rest on Sunday.

The brunch is amazing…every single food item is stellar.

We are weekend beach people. This past weekend the fog rolled in and stymied our plans.

Staying home was not an option so I gathered up my resources and accessed my foodar.

Republique popped into my consciousness and off we journeyed.

We had a late start and landed on LaBrea at 11am.

The line was already huge, snaking down the sidewalk.

I dropped my husband off and found a spot 2 blocks away.

We waited in line for approximately 30 minutes which was shorter than it looked.

I adore the unique, timeless building and admire the aesthetics of dining at Republique.

It was built in 1928 by Charlie Chaplin and designed by architect Roy Seldon Price.

Originally, it had shops on the ground floor and office space above, all surrounding an idyllic tiled courtyard.

In 1989, the highly successful restaurant, Campanile, debuted.

Campanile closed in 2012, and the building was stripped down to reveal its natural beauty in the form of the original brick, ironwork and tile.

Entrance to the restaurant is via the pastry counter.

The visual appeal overwhelms you and you forget about the wait.

We picked our pastries and ordered breakfast from the extensive menu.

We selected the Gioiella Ricotta Toast with cara cara, blood Orange, dates, kumquats, hazelnuts and wildflower honey served on a thick slice of country bread ($16). It was amazing. Each flavor jumped out and then mingled into a delicious blend of fabulosity.

The Regular Breakfast was outstanding. The organic eggs were scrambled into orange perfection, the thick, huge slab of bacon steak was outrageous, the fingerling potatoes crispy and flavorful, the baguette crunchy accompanied by unbelievably creamy Normandy butter and jam ($21). I have been off eggs lately, but these were fabulous.

Our charming neighbors selected Carne Asada Breakfast burrito with fried egg, black beans, cheese, avocado and chili sauce wrapped in a tantalizing flour tortilla.  The burrito garnered positive reviews ($19).

Anna chose the delectable Mushroom Toast which included house cured ham, spinach, hollandaise, red wine sauce and scrambled eggs ($19).

We had a lovely chat, sharing restaurants and we discovered that Weston owns a restaurant in the up and coming Rancho Cucamonga area called, Pan Pasta, located in the trendy Haven City Market. Check it out if you are in the neighborhood.

There is literally something for everyone at Republique, including a Lobster Omelette, Burger, Waffles, Shrimp and Grits, Potato Pancake with Smoked Salmon, Shakshouka, Avocado Toast…endless selections and relish with a plethora of coffee, tea, wine, smoothie and cocktail options.

Even though there was a crowd the interior is expansive and we had separation between us and our table mates.

While Republique is open for dinner Tuesday-Saturday, breakfast is what pulls me to Mid-City.

Republique is worth the wait.

Republique 624 South La Brea Los Angeles, California. Open daily 8am-2pm for breakfast. Street parking.

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  1. Cathy Newman says:

    You had me at “breakfast”!! My favorite meal of the day!!

    I’ll also check out the place in Rancho, as I’m often out that way!! Thanks for the tip!

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