Bottling Happiness…

We should bottle doggie happiness and childrens laughter.

Our incredible doggie, Madison, will celebrated her 13th birthday this Friday.

Ms. Perma Puppy has slowed down, but maintained her beauty, sweet demeanor and adorable swagger.

Squatting to pee has become a physical activity rather than a quickie motion, but she is still so happy and loving.

I can leave the house to toss the garbage, return 1 minute later and her elation at seeing me come through the door melts my heart.

Cuddling with Finnley wipes away all negativity. I could spend hours kissing her regal, soft face and observing her ears react to her surroundings.

I was outside yesterday at 6:30am walking the dogs in the pouring rain.

A little girl ran down the block with her dad in hot pursuit.

Her laughter resonated and the sun burst through, alleviating the dark clouds.

There is so much exterior noise and frustration in America right now that I feel as if I wake up every morning with a low grade fever and migraine.

It’s rejuvenating to have my dogs close at hand to alter my mood and restore my faith in humanity.

Bark on…

Finnley & Madison
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