Bored Free Zone…

Excuse me for being redundant, but boredom just isn’t an option in New York City.

Saturday dawned beautiful and being a creature of habit, my husband and I went spinning.

The room was hot, the tunes cool and our stamina challenged, but we survived and felt better for the physical torture.

We showered and took Finnley for a walk through Central Park, down 5th Avenue which can be taxing after 10am when the tourists hit the streets armed with their ignorance about how to navigate NYC sidewalks.

Destination was the new Public Art Fund display at Rockefeller Center by artist, Anselm Kiefer.

Uroeus is Kiefer’s first public sculpture commission in the U.S., featuring a gigantic open book with eagle’s wings outstretched, on top of a 20-foot-tall column with a large snake coiling up the pole.

Rockefeller Center

The imposing lead sculpture proudly waves over the Rockefeller Channel Gardens providing a gateway to the fountains and spring foliage.

The sculpture is impressive so get to Rockefeller Center before July 22nd.

We headed towards Madison Avenue so that it was easier to walk with Finnley as the sidewalks are usually deserted in May when the annual Hampton migration begins.

Bloomingdale’s Shoe Salon

We strolled over to Bloomingdale’s to take in the newly opened 5th floor shoe salon.

Bloomingdale’s Shoe Salon

Finnley was invited into the express elevator…I guess she looked like a potential customer.

After all, she would be in need of 2 pair if she were to make a purchase.

On the way back to the west side, we took in the retail splendor of Madison Avenue then zigzagged our way through the throngs of people roaming Central Park.

We dropped the dog off, serving water and greenies and left Finnley to play with Madison.

Cafe Fiorello Pancakes

David was craving pancakes at Cafe Fiorello and they did not disappoint.

We dined al fresco across from Lincoln Center, watching all the frilly ballet and opera attendees waltzing into Lincoln Center.

Next up, home to watch the Yankees beat the Cleveland Indians…14 wins out of 15, baby.


Not yet satiated, we took in the new Charlize Theron film, Tully.

It is a very realistic, emotionally unique portrayal of motherhood especially the trying post pregnancy phase.

Theron is marvelous as the overwhelmed, exhausted, isolated mom of three.

Add to the mix a very interesting plot twist.

We gussied up and spent the rest of the evening chatting with Rachel at Cafe Luxembourg.

NYC is the best antidote for anyone who says, “I don’t have anything to do!”

If you are bored in NYC you may have a pulse, but you probably have expired.

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  1. Two pair for Finnley I love it!!! Can’t leave Madison out though, maybe two pair of sneakies for her arthritis 😋 (PS some Gucci shoes are half off at Bloomies! Perfect for the doggies- two pair for one! hehe) xoxo

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